Ale Flores

My family moved to the border town of Laredo, Texas when I was only five years old. Growing up on both sides of the Rio Grande, my Mexican-American culture has always been a strong part of my identity. I am proud to be the first in my family to have the opportunity to attend college. A love for learning meant big uncertainty of what specifically I wanted to pursue in life. At 15 years old I took my first accounting class and immediately became passionate about the language of business. In high school I devoted my free time preparing for accounting competitions and filing income tax returns for my community. I am fortunate to be in the best accounting program in the nation. My values and beliefs closely align with my university. As a student in UT, I am reminded that hard work and persistence can overcome any challenge.

Major: Business Honors

Honors Program: Business Honors

Extracurricular Activities:
Education has the power to change lives and I greatly value that. I am the Director of Operations for Subiendo: The Academy for Rising Leaders, an organization in McCombs that empowers high school students by encouraging them to pursue higher education and civic engagement. I have been involved with Subiendo since I attended the summer academy in 2014. Learning does not only happen in the classroom, it can also happen in the ballroom! I am Philanthropy Chair for Texas Latin Dance, a talented organization that builds and enhances confidence in Latin dancing. In the past I have been a dance director and choreographed for our Spring Performance Show. My interest in learning can also be witnessed in my future career. My second year of college I worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the Accounting department and used those skills to bring knowledge to my Launch Internship with Ernst & Young in San Jose California the following summer. The summer after my first year I was volunteering with an educational non-profit in the West Bank. I have also been interning with the Texas Exes Scholarships Department since February 2016 and am inspired by the great work that is put behind the scenes of the events I attend as a Forty Acres Scholar.

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The Forty Acres Scholars Program is one of a kind. FASP offers students a cohort of the brightest individuals that will step foot on UT. Scholars are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and travel abroad. I was able to have an experience overseas for the first time in my life thanks to Forty Acres. Through the program I have met inspiring professionals who have an interest in knowing more about our story and offering advice. Attending UT as a Forty Acres Scholar has given me an island in such a big ocean.