Audrey Urbis

Stewardship is key. I see my education, experiences, and skills as gifts with clear purposes. Consequently, I seek to live out of a generosity that I have received. My interests, experiences and goals are broad, transcending a single disciplinary focus. A few areas of passion for me are centered on business consulting, corporate citizenship, and educational equity. I have worked for the United States Senate on Capitol Hill, an education tech startup in Austin, an education NGO in the Dominican Republic, and most recently for Southwest Airlines in Dallas. My work in the government, corporate, and non-profit sectors has helped me learn how to synthesize different needs, values, and goals to maximize benefits for all stakeholders. I am grateful for a well-rounded education with the quantitative and analytical skills developed in Finance classes and exposure to writing, research, and the humanities offered in Plan II. On campus, I co-direct Orange Outreach, the University’s Student Government service and outreach Agency, striving to engage students with service on campus and in the greater Austin community. I serve as an advisory board member and volunteer as a tutor with the Neighborhood Longhorns Program, the University’s premiere outreach Program that helps economically disadvantaged youth in Austin. Also, I love running long distances and even longer conversations, reading all kinds of books, trying new cuisines, and practicing Spanish any chance I get! I am looking forward to studying at the University of Edinburgh as an exchange student this upcoming spring.

Majors: Finance; Plan II Honors

Honors Program: Plan II Honors

Extracurricular Activities:

Southwest Airlines – Community Affairs & Grassroots Intern
Peloton U – Strategy Intern
Makarios International – Education Intern
United States Senate – Page
Neighborhood Longhorns Program – Advisory Board Member and Mentor
University of Texas Student Government – Longhorn Legislative Aide and Co-Director of Orange
Partnerships to Advance Language Study and Cultural Exchange – U.S. PAL
University of Texas Delta Delta Delta – Active Member and Recruitment Counselor

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The people who make up the FASP— every scholar, donor, alumnus, and staff member— are the Program’s strongest asset. I attended the FASP Finalist Weekend in the spring and instantly knew its brilliant, kind, and determined people are the Program’s distinguishing mark. People who ask thoughtfully, listen patiently, work diligently, and lead boldly surround me.

What makes your scholar cohort unique?
I am continually astounded by the mutual support and deep friendships that exist within my cohort. We represent such a wide array of interests, ideas, and goals, but are ultimately connected by our strong desire to work hard to contribute to the world in which we live! Some of my deepest friendships on campus have flourished within my cohort. This past summer served as a powerful reminder for me. I was living and interning in a new city, but felt so encouraged by conversations with fellow Scholars in the exact same position elsewhere. They were similarly navigating exciting, new territory in their own lives. Throughout my time at UT, I have been able to depend on these same friends for consistent understanding, insight, and encouragement.

Favorite FASP Memory
One of my best FASP memories was our Spring Cohort Retreat. For two days, we hiked, played, cooked, laughed, and rested in the Texas Hill Country. We were removed from campus—our extracurricular commitments and academic routines—for a wonderful, full 48 hours. I began the weekend weary and left revived by good conversation and deepened friendships.

What do you want prospective students to know about the University of Texas?
The University of Texas has provided me with a valuable space to explore, learn, and grow. The opportunities at a University with top-ranked,
academic programs and world-renowned faculty, located in the exceptional city of Austin are hard to replicate. I value the opportunity to study alongside such engaged and accomplished peers with life stories different than my own. Graduating equipped and positioned for life and impact outside of the Forty Acres will perhaps best illustrate a University of Texas education for me.