Forty Acres Society

The Forty Acres Society is a group of mid-career professionals and leaders who want to reconnect with and give back to their alma mater by supporting the Forty Acres Scholars Program. A minimum gift of $1,000 annually directly supports enrichment funding for the current Forty Acres Scholars which includes study abroad and other cultural and leadership opportunities outside of the classroom. Forty Acres Society members receive exclusive invitations to events in Austin, Houston and Dallas throughout the year featuring university faculty, administrators, and coaches at spectacular on-campus locations throughout the year.

Society members also gain networking opportunities with other engaged alumni who share an interest in bringing the best and brightest to UT. Members interact regularly with the next generation of student leaders, the Forty Acres Scholars, and directly support them with their 100 percent tax-deductible gifts.

To learn more about the Forty Acres Society and how you can become a member, go here.

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