Hannah Penley

I have always had a passion for athletics, the outdoors, and music. I have played just about every sport one can imagine, seen breathtaking sights on peaks of mountains, and practiced instruments for countless hours. All of these experiences have contributed to shaping who I am today. While I love participating in these activities, my true passion lies in serving others. This passion to serve has led me to pursue a degree in Special Education. I look forward to gathering more tools to equip special needs children with the knowledge, values, and skills needed to pursue their dreams. In my future classrooms, I hope to create an accepting environment where different cultures are celebrated, different abilities are cherished, and different personalities are appreciated. Most importantly, I want my future students to have fun while learning and know that they are loved more than they can imagine. In addition to serving as captain of my high school varsity cross country team and varsity soccer team, I was also deeply involved in the Best Buddies Program, an organization that pairs special education students with their general education peers. Serving as president of this program, as well as working closely with the high school special education teachers, intensified my passion for this course of study and my love for my special education peers. I cannot wait to learn more about Special Education at the University of Texas at Austin!

Major: Special Education

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
Thanks to this program, I get to study what I love at a great university with amazing people. This program has opportunities and community like no other. I am fascinated by all the different people to meet, trips to take, and things to do in this program. The community is absolutely incredible. It is unbelievable how accomplished and passionate both the UT Alumni and my peers in this program are. I am honored for the opportunity to grow and learn from them and with them.