Jeff Auster

I have always had a passion for medicine and alternative energy because I believe innovation in both fields work towards preserving global health. Chemical engineering has granted me further access to pursue these two somewhat disparate fields and explore other disciplines as well. I’ve been able to conduct biomedical research to help treat peripheral vascular disease, while experiencing first-hand, through internships, how production-oriented businesses run. Engineering is truly a way of thinking, and I believe this logical approach to problem solving can be applied beyond a technical scope. Leading a philanthropic venture fund program on campus for student startups, I’ve quickly realized that optimizing a chemical process has many parallels to optimizing business operations. Every problem requires at least a little bit of creativity to solve. Being exposed to different perspectives and ideas develops one’s ability to think innovatively. Having worked with so many student ventures on campus, I’ve learned more than I ever thought about business and entrepreneurship. My inherent love of learning continually pushes me to seek out new endeavors and find commonalities across my passions.

Major: Chemical Engineering

Honors Program: Engineering Honors

Other Academic Interests: Business, German, Biomedical Engineering

Extracurricular Activities:
The Genesis Program – Cofounder and Partner
Laboratory for Cardiovascular Bioengineering and Therapeutics – Undergraduate Researcher
Student Engineering Council – Marketing and Analytics Task Force Leader and Academic Affairs
Committee Member
Texas Blazers – Member, Honor Society and Service Organization
Management Consulting Association – Member

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The Forty Acres Scholars Program represented for me a wide array of opportunities for personal and academic development. The cohort style of the program embraces the value of connections among fellow scholars. This gave me a home from the minute I stepped onto the Forty Acres. Immediately, I had eighteen academically driven friends on which I could rely and I continue to highly value this tightly knit community. Another beauty behind this program is that it unites scholars from various backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of study. I’m humbled and amazed at the many different things with which scholars are involved. With a single text message, I can get connected to almost every niche on campus through this network. Beyond the peer network, the Forty Acres Scholars Program appealed to me because it offered a unique alumni engagement experience to its scholars. I’ve been able to attend enriching alumni events and be exposed to many more opportunities due to this program. I can honestly say that my already-high expectations going into the program have been far exceeded and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

What do you want prospective students to know about The University of Texas?
The University of Texas offers seemingly limitless opportunities for learning and self-exploration. Whether it be publishing a paper, starting your own company, or leading a student organization, students are succeeding in every facet of this campus. This amazing community of leaders inspires you to become the best individual you can be.