Josh De Anda

During her senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State in 1997, Madeleine Albright said that in world affairs, “where our interests are clear, our values are at stake (and) where we can make a difference, we must act and we must lead.” Over time, I’ve come to realize that this philosophy has personal applications for me far beyond the world of international geopolitics. One of my prime passions is making a difference, and this is what I hope to do during my four years at the University of Texas. Making a difference has many meanings, but to me, it simply means applying your strengths in any way that can be helpful and productive when solving a problem. This is what drove me to develop community service initiatives during high school such as Bach in the Barrio, an initiative designed to bring classical music to underserved El Paso elementary schools; and COMER! El Paso, an initiative aimed at researching and promoting healthier eating in my hometown of El Paso, Texas. Making a difference also means taking charge in order to further serve the interests of a group or party bigger than yourself. I took charge during my three-year tenure as concertmaster of the El Paso High School Orchestra, Captain and Attorney of the EPHS Mock Trial Team, and as editor-in-chief of my school’s literary magazine. Seeing as “What starts here (at the University of Texas at Austin) changes the world,” I am at a loss to name any other institution I would rather be. I hope that my four years here will propel me forward in my search for truth and equip me with the tools necessary to effect meaningful change in the world in the very near future.

Majors: Business Honors; Plan II Honors

Honors Programs: Business Honors; Plan II Honors

Other Academic Interests: Foreign Policy and Finance

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The primary factor that drew me to the Forty Acres Scholars Program was the commitment and close association alumni share with the Scholars. Being administered through the Texas Exes, it is a given that the alumni support is there. However, Finalists’ Weekend really showed me to what degree alumni are committed to our success and it is for this reason I chose to be a part of the Forty Acres Scholars Program Class of 2021.