Jed Vick

Specifying one academic interest has always eluded me. With so many interesting fields to explore, such as linguistics, applied math, mythology, etc., the world provides us each with a daunting variety of academic paths. In my spare time, I casually read about a ton of niche topics, but mechanical engineering remains as my chief academic interest. I was told from a young age that engineers solve problems. The problem with this hackneyed expression is not its lack of validity, but rather its lack of uniqueness. Every profession solves problems in some way or another. For me, the appeal to engineering comes from the manner in which problems are solved, which utilizes a logical, consistent, and seamless approach. The guiding principles of mathematics and science have never let me down in their uncanny ability to dissect and explain the workings of our world. Mechanical engineers are needed by almost every industry because mechanical systems are ubiquitous in a technologized economy. Not only do I enjoy my studies, but also I know the skills are (and will remain to be) useful. With a strong background in speech and debate, I embrace the art of persuasion as a tool for achieving one’s objectives. This belief, coupled with a natural affinity to fiscal awareness, has led me to pursuing a major in undeclared business in addition to my work in engineering. As a sociable person, I want my career to involve interactions with people, and business offers this perk. Last year, I had the privilege of handling money for my fraternity, and found that money management was too exciting to pass up on as a field of study. Outside of academics, I like staying active by playing basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and racquetball (my new favorite sport). I’m a self-declared hip-hop head, so I’m always open to listening to your favorite album, though my favorite sub-genre will always be Houston rap. On an average night, you can expect to find me watching a movie from my list of “must-sees,” a list that never seems to get any shorter. I’m an extremely organized person, often too organized, and believe strongly in the transformative powers of gratitude and hard work.

Majors: Mechanical Engineering; Business

Extracurricular Activities:

Member at Large – Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisory Board
Engineering Honors
Class Treasurer – Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Rush Captain – Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Planning on joining the Mock Investing Club in McCombs School of
Internship with Marine Farms Co. in Valparaiso, Chile this past summer
Summer 2018 Internship with Dell in the ESI Department

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The Forty Acres Scholars Program is composed of the most interesting people I have ever met. I’m routinely impressed at every event by the engaging and insightful conversations I have with other scholars. It is their passion and example that I seek to embody in my own efforts, and I’m thankful to be part of such a fantastic group of individuals. At Finalist Weekend as a high school student, it was the people that stood out most to me, and they continue to impress me to this day.

What do you want prospective students to know about The University of Texas?
The University of Texas is a limitless incubator of opportunity and experience. The student body is huge and diverse, so you will encounter just about every type of person imaginable at this university. Every door here leads to a dozen more, so don’t be afraid to take risks. This place will change you into anything you want, you just have to open the door in front of you.