Siji Deleawe

“There isn’t just one world there are 7 billion worlds that lie within each person; Therefore by changing just one life, you’ve effectively changed the world” These are the words that I live by because everything that I passionately pursue at the University of Texas, whether academically or extracurricularly, serves my greater purpose of changing the world. Whether it’s volunteering to teach financial literacy to underprivileged children as a member of Capital Community, serving my University as a Student Government Co-Director, or fostering community as an executive in Haven Student Fellowship, I strive for success in all of these areas because I know that I have the potential to change lives through my goal of becoming an Attorney and a Social Entrepreneur. I look forward to building more relationships and further developing my love for service and leadership throughout my remaining 3 years at UT. When I’m not planning to change the world I love traveling around it. This past summer I studied Operations Management in Hong Kong and over the years I’ve visited or lived in Lagos, Nigeria, Sydney Australia, The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Beijing China, and all over the US. I also enjoy writing poetry and short stories, cooking, and finding new adventures with friends.

Majors: Business Honors; Plan II Honors

Honors Programs: Business Honors Program; Plan II Honors

Extracurricular Activities:
Haven Student Ministries Outreach Coordinator
Capital Community Volunteer
Student Government Associate Director of Financial Auditing
Honors Business Association Communications Team Member
Business Honors Instagram Ambassador
Black Business Students Association member
AA Associates Summer 2017 Accounting Intern

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
The Forty Acres Scholarship program provides access to unparalleled opportunities to access to opportunities through its affiliates and Alumni. While this is amazing in itself I was drawn to the Forty Acres Scholars Program for much more more than that. FASP is so much more that just a scholarship. It is more than even a program. It is truly a family and it is one that I am immensely proud and honored to be a part of. The program has amazing students and staff who are always there for encouragement and support.

Favorite FASP Memory
My favorite FASP memory is last year’s Scholar Thanksgiving Dinner. We all gathered together in the Alumni center to catch up during the stressful period between midterms and finals. I was reminded once again of how many brilliant and interesting people are in the Forty Acres Scholarship Program. Across from me one of the scholars performed amazing magic tricks while we waited to get our food and throughout dinner I was able to talk with older scholars about how our semesters where going and our plans for the future. Besides the fact the FASP is amazing for always keeping us fed with delicious meals,
during that dinner was when I really felt for the first time that I was dining with family. It’s a simple memory but the knowledge that I could always turn to these people and we all shared the common goal of pursuing greatness really warmed my heart on that wonderful fall evening. The feeling that I had over that Thanksgiving dinner never fails to bring a smile to my face.

What do you want prospective students to know about The University of Texas?
When you come to UT you’ll hear “what starts here changes the world” so much that it might just haunt you in you dreams but it so much more than just a saying. It’s simply a reality that a in school this big with so many people so passionate about a thousand different things, UT not only inspires you to want to change the world, it gives you the tools and resources to do it. UT is a big school but there’s so many small places that you can find to call home and that juxtaposition is one of the many things that makes me a proud Longhorn.