Sophia Guirola

My life has always had dualities. Growing up in San Salvador, El Salvador, I spoke English with my American mom and Spanish with my Salvadoran dad. I lived there, but would visit Dallas every summer. Although they are extremely different places, both are my homes. The experiences I’ve had here and there have beautifully combined to guide me on a passionate path of learning about how we as humans interact with those different than us. As an International Relations & Global Studies and Sustainability Studies double major, I continuously explore the academia of international human-human interactions as well as human-environment interactions, and how they interconnect. My dream is to someday work with or in Latin American countries to establish systems of sustainable agriculture, water supplies, and sustainable energy production. But first, I need to get rid of my Spanish accent in Portuguese so I can confidently visit Brazil and sing some bossa nova songs with locals…

Majors: International Relations and Global Studies; Sustainability Studies

Extracurricular Activities:
Currently, I am an Intake Intern at the Equal Justice Center — a nonprofit law firm specializing in labor and wage law and helping Texans regardless of their immigration status; an active member of Texas Lassos, a spirit group on campus; and the secretary for Liberal Arts Refugee Alliance.

What drew you to the Forty Acres Scholars Program (FASP)?
Passion drew me to the Forty Acres Scholars Program. All I needed to know about this program was right here, on an older version of this very website. Scrolling through and reading about the world-changing ambitions Forty Acres Scholars have, along with my passion to challenge myself academically and surround myself with equally passionate people, made me realize without a doubt that I had to apply. Passion compelled me to make the best decision of my life.